Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All we know

Today was the first real day of getting ready for our trip. I shouldn't say that because just about every week for the past month Mark and I have been calling each other with a random question about the plan. Really I think the reason we call each other is to re-hype ourselves up about what's to come. That's the real battle, when your heart is in it logistics are the easy part. A week ago during one of these conversations we were debating our exact path, trying to figure out which highway the other was talking about when neither of us had a map in front of us when Mark exclaimed "all I know is that soon our feet are going to be in the ocean!" That's really all I need to know. We'll deal with what comes up when it comes up.

Our day was less productive than I thought it would be. We've got a basic route planned the details will have to be worked out as we go. For now here's the packing list. I'm sure it will change and fluctuate as our trip goes a long.

Roughly what I'm taking
-skate tool
-3 extra wheels
-a tea cup
-emily's bandana
-two pairs of pants
-three shirts
-an extra shoestring
-bivy sack
-sleeping bag
-mp3 player
-helmet. (mama when you read this you'll be proud. don't tell mark's parents he doesn't have one)
-A map of Washington cut out of Mark's Atlas

What I'm not taking
-sleeping pad
-headphones for the mp3 player. still figuring that out.
-my typewriter. it would be almost worth it if it was under 10 pounds.

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  1. This is so awesome Alex! I like to live vicariously through you and Emily and all the awesome things you guys do. When you're old and telling crazy stories of your youth - I'll be old and telling crazy stories of my friends' youth. lol. Have fun!
    ~Melissa MacPhee