Monday, August 31, 2009

in the words of emily....but the thoughts of mark and alex...

picture1. alex getting ready to roll.
picture2. mark getting ready to roll.

picture3. alex with cucumber seeds-going to start a surprise garden on the trip.

After giving all of our spare wheels to Emily in order to drop weight, Mark broke a wheel that very next day. It was like life teaching us a life lesson. Oh those life lessons. After getting it fixed, we felt like we were speed demons again. We spent Sabbath in Leavenworth where Mark's dad came to visit. A hotel room and hot meal did wonders for our spirits after the whole wheel breaking thing.

Now we are currently camping on the side of the road at at the top of Steven's Pass. We ate only a bagel today for breakfast. And we pushed up like 3000 vertical feet on a bagel. We were at the top of the peak and there were no restaurants in sight. A nice construction man gave us a Snickers bar. Then later we found food in a little town down the road.

We are on the adventure of today. You can never say it's the adventure of the month or year or lifetime because you don't know what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow we might start our trip longboarding across the USA!!! Probably not....

Anyway, we are safe, potentially weigh a little less than when we left, and for sure have a better set of longboarding endurance.

p.s. Alex and mark also left their computer with Emily in order to shed that old Apple weight. That is the reason these posts have been so few. And that is the reason this is not Alex or Mark writing.

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  1. that sounds like alot of fun! crazy boyz! I hope I can catch up with all of you soon