Thursday, August 27, 2009

two days down. but we're not down.

Two days into and we’ve gone 80 miles! Emily came and met us at Lake Roosevelt and brought us burritos and pudding. Most importantly she brought us mats to sleep on. It was so awesome of her to drive out and see us. We were planning on making it another 20 miles but as we were longboarding along we came to a sign for Lake Roosevelt and after two days of profuse sweating and no showers water sounded so inviting. So we laid down on our longboards and napped for an hour until she got there.

These eighty miles have come with price. Our legs have minds of their own when we get up in the morning. They loosen up after walking around and stretching for a couple of minutes making the thought of longboarding possible. Even the flats and uphills have been fun though because the shoulder is wide enough for Mark and I to longboard side by side giving us a chance to talk. There were a couple of times the first day where I questioned how good of idea this really was and how prepared I was. Now that we’ve gone some distance and made it through some days I’m so glad we’ve done it. And there’s much more to come.

By the way Mark has a helmet. Sorry for the mistake. He even wears it when we go down hills. And he’s a very conscientious longboarder.


  1. when you get to the west coast... if you feel like turning around and heading out east, I'll make sure you have a place to stay. but if you're really really tired and decide to take a day off, I'll understand that too.

  2. fun to see the pics and hear of the ride! 80 miles - wow!!!! Take good notes, cuz we're "right behind you"!!!.....well, a few weeks behind you!!